5 Ways to Maximise Customer Loyalty with Post-Purchase Emails

Enhance Customer Engagement and Drive Growth with Digital Receipts

99% of consumers say a boring invoice style receipt will make them less likely to shop with you again. 

Okay, so maybe there isn’t a survey that shows that exact sentiment…. But the likelihood is, it’s how your customers feel. 

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful and engaging in-store shopping experience, from ambient lighting to friendly customer services, plush changing rooms to the latest indie playlist. However, as your customer leaves the store, bag clutched jubilantly in hand, they receive a plain text email with none of the brand identity that has just impressed them. With open rates hitting 75% for a digital receipt, this is a prime time to continue the conversation and generate customer loyalty for your brand

At Yocuda, our mission is to help retailers deliver inspiring post-purchase engagement with our digital receipts and dynamic content. Here are just some of our favourite ways.

Digital receipt example for Mulberry

#1 Get Customer Feedback

More and more retailers are experimenting with adding a survey link within the digital receipt to capture customer experience. There’s no better time to enlist customer feedback than post-purchase, and with a typical increase of 1,600 percent in completed surveys — it’s a massively under-utilised channel.

We all know that acquiring new customers costs five times more than retaining existing customers. This is the best time to secure customer loyalty and comprehensively understand how their in-store experience measures up.

Let’s take a look at this example by iconic British luxury brand Mulberry, for whom Omnichannel is a core component of their strategy. The eReceipt is straightforward and easy to navigate; moreover, the email reflects the brand, and the survey is unobtrusive and gently persuading.

If you’re not using digital receipts to garner customer feedback, it’s time to experiment. Take the opportunity to test the waters and see the results

#2 Promote Your Brand Story

Storytelling has always been critical to brand success. In fact, 55 percent of consumers admit that if they love a brand’s story, they are more likely to purchase and become loyal customers. 

And even beyond that. 

Research shows that knowledge of brand heritage, such as credibility, differentiation and knowledge — has a profound impact on perceived economic and social value. In short… stronger brand resonance means consumers think your products are worth more money. 

Inspiring consumers with your brand story post-purchase can be a powerful way to consolidate positive sentiment. 

Use your digital receipt to tell your origin story, from your early history to today. Tell your customers that shopping with you allows them to become part of your community and what that means. 

crop person with book in sunlight

#3 Shop The Look

After shopping with you in-store, consumers are in a highly engaged state. This is an ideal time to make intelligent product recommendations to encourage repeat purchases and boost customer loyalty! 

Many brands reduce their in-store inventory to bolster their online catalogue, making offering complementary products to customers a smart decision. Significantly, leading retailer Argos discovered that product recommendations drove incremental sales of 25 percent when they switched them on.

Furthermore, whilst many shoppers have been keen to head back in-store, some continue to eschew regular in-store browsing post-Lockdown. Additionally, post-purchase engagement emails can entice shoppers with your online offering based on their purchasing behaviour and customer profiles.

#4 Increase Opt-Ins

Your digital receipt can effectively increase your customer database. Target customers who have opted out of marketing with a call to action to sign up for the newsletter. On average, eCommerce open rates tend to be around 15 percent. But all emails aren’t created equally. If we look at triggered emails such as basket abandonment or transactional receipt emails, many brands can see open rates 152 percent higher than standard marketing emails. 

Brands and retailers often ask us how to ensure GDPR compliance while using digital receipts to increase their CRM database.

It’s vital your data capture process at the point of sale can supply marketing consent. In the UK, verbal consent is sufficient, and your store operative can select this option in-store. Other countries that operate a double opt-in can be supported to ensure you comply with that country’s regulations.

If a customer has not opted in, you may find it effective to include a neutral, transactional receipt with a call to action to sign up for the newsletter.

Retail booking exampe for. adigital receipt

#5 Advertise Your Immersive Experiences

“The experience economy,” which follows commodities, goods, and services, centres brand experiences as the next stage of customer loyalty development, and it’s on the rise.

It’s a universal truth that Gen Z and Millennial spending habits favour experiences over simple goods. 

And as more retailers look to repurpose their real estate to provide more sensory experiences for customers, it’s a logical step to promote your services and experience offerings via post-purchase engagement emails, including your digital receipt. Display booking services for personalised appointments with members of staff and connect consumers with brand experts to discuss your offering.

Following up a positive in-store experience that resulted in a purchase with an invitation to attend a VIP event is one highly effective way to engage your customers and retain their loyalty. Additionally, offering experiences like a talk from an expert or showcasing immersive experiences or new brand launches can further solidify the bond with your customers and build loyalty.

You could even highlight the social media pages for the customer’s local store, along with a personalised message from the store manager. Additionally, use your knowledge of the customer’s local browsing habits to improve their experience and develop a closer connection. This will enhance customer engagement and foster brand loyalty.

Unlock the Power of Post-Purchase Emails

In summary, the world of post-purchase email is an exciting one! There are more opportunities than ever to improve the dialogue with your customers and inspire your loyalty programmes. 

The Yocuda platform lets you effectively engage with your customers post-purchase to deliver impactful campaigns at scale. Additionally, it provides you with the tools to build long-lasting customer relationships and boost loyalty.

Digital Receipts

Digital receipts are a highly engaged channel that boasts open rates of around 75 percent. Increase customer satisfaction with relevant email content based on basket data and purchase history online and offline.


Use the Yocuda media management system to distribute targeted content on your digital receipts boosting customer engagement and generating long-term loyalty.

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