2015 Summary

The perception of digital receipts as simply a convenient paper alternative and improved customer service offering has evolved to an acknowledgment of their key role in multichannel strategies.

At Argos, we are identifying hundreds of thousands of transactions every week and are feeding captured email addresses in to their single customer view database. We push basket items to their recommendation engine and render relevant products (with no financial incentive) within the e-receipts driving a 3%-4% uplift in sales – compared to a control group of customers whose e-receipts have no recommendations.

At Booths, in addition to delivering digital receipts via email, their website and app and running their loyalty programme, our insight team has been engaged to develop their customer communications. Using the data from a customer segmentation exercise we undertook for Booths in 2014, we have devised and implemented a number of DM campaigns that have driven incremental sales and profits.

At Cycle Republic, after a successful roll out of digital receipts that saw almost half their sales identified every day, we implemented a loyalty programme which saw adoption far beyond anyone’s expectations and even higher customer identification in store.

New Clients

We have also started working with a number of new clients in 2015 and look forward to developing further our solutions with them in 2016:


We were short-listed for 5 different awards at the Retail Week Customer Experience awards and were Highly Commended at the Drapers Awards for the “Best Innovation in Fashion Retail” with our client Sunspel.


eReceipts works equally with SMEs and tier-1 retailers, but with 4 PLC companies on board, our enterprise credentials have been well proven:

We are processing c.1m transactions every day

1.6m transactions on Black Friday

Processed c.200m transactions to date

Have identified 12.5m unique customers

Experiencing open rates for e-receipts ranging from 60%-75%

Click through rates ranging from 3%-14%

And working with retailers around the globe


Looking to 2016, we are excited about continuing our work with existing clients and developing out further solutions for them around returns, personalised customer engagement, loyalty and customer insight & analytics.

We are also looking forward to onboarding the new clients in our pipeline both here in the UK and around the world.