Knowing who your customers are, what they like, dislike, when they shop and their propensity to swap or return an item is gold dust. The more you know about them, the more you can tailor their shopping experience and drive sales and brand loyalty.

eCommerce still has the march on bricks and mortar stores – every single interaction a customer makes with a digital channel is trackable and actionable.

Offline retailers now have the armoury to change that.

An email address is the most valuable piece of customer data you can hold and it’s also the detail they are most willing to share with you, online or offline.

Over 80% of customers are now willing to share their email addresses with you and nearly 70% understand why and believe they will benefit.

That includes customers in your stores.

“The visibility eRetailers have of their customers puts a huge pressure on bricks and mortar stores. Most of these retailers don’t know who visited, who purchased what and have no readily available channel to communicate with – hence the introduction of digital receipts.”
Andrew Carroll, CEO of Yocuda

Yocuda is constantly developing its products and is committed to offering retailers the very best technology solutions for customer data capture, customer understanding and customer engagement.

When Halfords introduced eReceipts in January 2016, it was because of new CEO Jill McDonald’s surprise at the lack of insight and customer information the business had.

They’re compelling stats but what they’ve allowed Halfords to do is radically change its marketing approach:

"We're focusing predominantly on customer data to ensure we are increasingly communicating with the customer, but also making messages more relevant. We're continuing to mine out that area and make recommendations based on products bought using our bespoke recommendation engine."
Jill McDonald, CEO of Halfords

While Halfords is using data capture as part of its upsell strategy, there are myriad ways the data can benefit your business, from giving you a single view of your customers by connecting in-store and online through to returns management. Read more on how to reduce returns.

Yocuda makes it easy to integrate its system with retailers’ existing POS software – within 4 weeks, you can start capturing your customers’ data and have access to added business intelligence with minimal effort and complexity.

“eReceipts has the potential to have the biggest impact on retail since the introduction of loyalty cards. Retailers, consumers and businesses all benefit with retailers being able to utilise customer data to derive a new revenue stream, increase footfall and run their operations more efficiently.”
Lord MacLaurin, Yocuda Chairman and former Chairman & CEO of Tesco

While 80% of customers may now be willing to share their personal details, and retailers have more channels to capture it than ever before, only 7% of customers in the UK feel they actually reap any benefit from sharing their details. Any data capture programme has to be to the benefit of both retailers and consumers.

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