The Secrets of a Successful Loyalty Programme

Loyalty schemes are everywhere. Over 94% of consumers are now a member of one or more schemes in their varying forms. However, with over 60% dissatisfied with the benefits they’ve received since joining, customer reward schemes are fast becoming two a penny.

So how can you create a new compelling scheme or breathe life into an existing loyalty programme and start realising the commercial gains?


Yocuda's award winning Loyalty Scheme at Booths was initially one where Yocuda Price Matched 9,000 SKUs vs Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and Sainsbury's. Yocuda stored the cardholder balances and, when they hit £5 increments, distibuted vouchers to customers to be redeemed in store.

Read the case study and view the video here


Yocuda provides a multi channel loyalty program for Cass Art (the speciality art supplies retailer) giving customers real time rewards in store and online.

Read the case study here

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