Yocuda features in Lifehacker article

The customer data specialists at Yocuda, formerly known as eReceipts, have launched a new service for retailers that serves up data about their customers' behaviour in-store as it happens.

The company claims its new offering is the first end-to-end data service of its kind and it's been created to help retailers make more sales and drive profits armed with more customer insights, ways to implement personalised marketing tactics and provide more tailored experiences.

The service has been designed in response to the rise of e-commerce solutions, where it's easier to track buyer behaviour and tailor experiences to individuals. Multi-channel retailers may seem to have more optionality, but don't have it as easy. Which is where Yocuda comes in.

The company's offering comprises of four different tiers. There's eReceipts, which is the core technology that drives retailers’ transaction data, as well as Yocuda Operations, Yocuda Engagement and Yocuda Insights. The new tiers work in tandem to allow retailers to create personalised customer engagement strategies, from returns management and loyalty schemes to retention marketing offers and coupons at their tills.

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