Cycle Republic case study

Why Yocuda?

The Cycle Republic requirements were twofold. As a data driven organisation, Cycle Republic wanted to link all customers to their transactions. As a new brand, Cycle Republic wanted to reward & incentivise new customers.

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Yocuda powers the Cycle Republic Program with its Rewards module. Registration to the scheme is instant: store staff sign up new customers by scanning a Reward Card and capturing the customer’s email address at the till. Customers receive digital receipts and a £20 voucher for every accumulated £100 spent on accessories.

"Puns aside, this has been a journey with Cycle Republic, developing the retailer offering from data capture and digital receipts to a full rewards mechanism." Ed Drax, Yocuda Director

In addition to providing the software, Yocuda has also been instrumental in deploying the solution in store. A fundamental part in ensuring the success of any new rewards programme is in training the store staff so that they are fully engaged and confident in promoting the scheme to customers. The Yocuda training team visited all of the stores to embed the scheme and explain the benefits for customers and the business.

Cycle Republic now identifies and engages with 74% of the sales each month.