Debenhams Case Study

Why Yocuda?

Debenhams is a £2bn+ turnover department store with over 170 stores across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. They required an enterprise solution that could be tailored to their requirements, meet the highest levels of data security and could integrate with existing systems to provide real time customer lookup and data capture. Following an engagement in July, Debenhams also required the solution to be rolled out across the estate before peak trading.

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Yocuda were selected by Debenhams for their enterprise level credentials. Having previously deployed digital receipts and data capture solutions to other Tier 1 retailers successfully, the project team at Debenhams identified Yocuda as the best provider to deliver the solution on time and to their exacting requirements.

Yocuda provided a bespoke customer data capture graphical user interface (GUI) and digital receipts solution (eReceipts) that integrated seamlessly with Debenhams’ existing tills and POS software. Yocuda designed Debenham's GUI around the store's customer journey and check-out process. It was configured to capture contact details for new customers and to provide a lookup for existing customers that integrated smoothly with Debenhams’ single customer view database. The lookup functionality ensures a faster check out and data capture process and that the most recent customer details and marketing preferences, updated online or elsewhere, are displayed in the GUI.

The objectives are to provide Debenhams with a better customer experience, a marketing channel and a clearer understanding of who their customers are in store. The digital receipts provide the “value exchange” to capture customer contact details. They see open rates of 60%+ providing a highly engaged communication channel. In addition to providing the transaction details and a permanent proof of purchase, the digital receipts provide a returns period countdown, a link to a customer feedback survey, and marketing promotions, all enriching the customer experience. By identifying customers’ transactions in store and linking these with existing visibility of their online purchases, there is a holistic view of the customer across channels – a truly single customer view. The resulting insight is invaluable to the business for data-driven marketing and trading decisions.

"From the outset, Yocuda took the time to understand Debenhams' needs and worked with us well to build a solution that was suitable for our store estate and customer base. Due to the tight timescales we were working towards, we appreciated their honesty about what was achievable from the beginning rather than over promising and being hit with surprises down the line. When we came up against ‘challenges’, they worked extremely hard to propose alternative solutions and drive these forward quickly." Fran Prendergast, Business Analysts (Digital Receipts Project)