Monsoon & Accessorize

Why Yocuda?

Monsoon Accesorize wanted to implement an omni-channel personalisation solution to include the previously unused 90% of its in-store transactions. The solution needed to work with Monsoon Accessorize's existing POS infrastructure, online platform and integrate with Rich Relevance's product recommendation engine.

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Yocuda rolled out its eReceipts software across Monsoon Accessorize's entire 321 store estate, enabling store staff to issue digital receipts. All receipt and transaction data captured by the system are fed through to Rich Relevance (who were previously blind to in store transacton data) to return product recommendations (with no financial incentive) based on basket items, browsing history and online purchases. Yocuda renders these recommendations on issued emailed receipts.

“While relevant and targeted offers have been common place for online customers, the development of our multichannel emailed receipts solution marks a significant industry first and ensures our customers will benefit from product recommendations.”

Monsoon Accessorize IT Director

As a channel, emailed receipts obtain a c.70-75% open rate and a c.10-15% click through rate. Automatically issuing digital receipts for Monsoon Reward Card holders enables over 500,000 marketing opportunities every month.