Let’s get acquainted with Tim O’Callaghan, our Yocuda Partnerships Manager.

When did you join Yocuda and where is your office based? 

I joined Yocuda in July this year and work from the bustling London HQ, conveniently perched next to Victoria Station

What is your job title and what does your role typically involve? 

My job title is Partnerships Manager. My primary role is nurturing and managing existing relationships within our partner network, as well as building relationships with new potential partners. To give you a flavour of who an ideal partner is – we work well alongside any company who connects retailers to their customers, for example point of sale solutions, payment service providers, CRM systems and marketing platforms. The role involves a nice blend of strategy and sales, requiring a keen eye for mutually beneficial commercial outcomes. 

Tell us a bit about your background and what you were doing before you joined Yocuda? 

My background consists mostly of commercial roles within FinTech (financial technology) companies, with the majority of this focused on partnership activities. Most recently, I was in charge of partnerships at an equity crowdfunding company, called Crowdcube. I studied maths in university and did my postgrad in (you guessed it) FinTech. I also set up a side business in which I support and advise start-ups and small businesses on their fundraising strategy. This involves a lot of crossover in skills and has been a really interesting learning experience. 

What is the best thing about working in sales? 

So much of what we do hinges on sales of one kind or another. It goes without saying that most companies will struggle to keep going without a functional sales team. It drives revenue and keeps the lights on. Problem solving plays a huge role in the sales process, ensuring that our solution can help solve a client’s problem is why we’re all in it. Finding a way to benefit both parties, while closing a deal, is what keeps me going in a sales based environment. 

What is your favourite type of retail store to shop in? 

It has to be food shopping. In particular, Asian supermarkets or the niche stores that sell all kinds of hidden gems – I’m talking small batch hot sauces, unusual spices and other items which don’t make the supermarket shelves. I’m very into cooking and it’s a real treat to come across a new firm favourite – like the spicy peanut butter I discovered last week which I am now hooked on – or simply to stock up on a couple of packs of emergency frozen gyozas. You never know when they might be needed. 

What is your favourite app or technology and why? 

Alongside the essentials such as Revolut, Citymapper, and Livescore, I’m a big fan of BeReal. Am I too old to jump on a new bandwagon social media app? Perhaps… but that hasn’t stopped me! Essentially, you take one picture per day (using the front and back cameras at the same time) and it is shared on a timeline with your friends. If you don’t share a picture, you don’t get to use the app for the day. It’s simple and doesn’t take up much of your time, plus it promotes authentic posting on social media with less editing or “fakeness” – hence the name “BeReal”. It’s a great way to keep track of what you’ve done over the past year as well, since it saves the picture from each day for your eyes only. 

Share a fun fact about you or something that people may find surprising or interesting. 

In my teens, I was a competitive swimmer.  It involved 5:15 am starts, four mornings a week, plus evenings and weekends. While it was great fun, it was a huge commitment. Because of my swimming, I earned the nickname ‘Fish’ from my friends. These days, my swimming is far more leisurely, a couple of times per month rather than seven times a week. It’s still a joy, but the difference in speed is truly astounding.

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