5 Ways to Maximise Customer Loyalty with Post-Purchase Emails

Discover the untapped potential of post-purchase emails to captivate your customers and boost brand loyalty. Our blog highlights five impactful strategies. It’s time to harness

Meet the Yocuda team: Spotlight on Glen

Why digital receipts are taking off across Europe

Learn why digital receipts are gaining momentum across Europe as countries, such as France, introduce measures to combat waste. Stay ahead of the trend with

The Quest for Omnichannel: In-Store Initiatives That Capitalise on Data Capture

The headlines can paint a bleak picture of the British high street with the decline of in-store shopping a regular feature in the news. Retailers

Customers Are Ready To Embrace Digital Receipts

Did you know receipts have been in use for more than 5,000 years? In fact, they’re one of the earliest known examples of writing. From

Five Reasons To Use A Digital Alternative To Paper Receipts In Retail

In the last two decades, the UK retail industry has been transformed. Generating sales of over £400 billion per year, it’s an economic juggernaut.

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