Yocuda and Feefo Join Forces for an Unrivalled Retail Experience

In the dynamic world of retail, enhancing the customer experience is paramount, and partnerships that drive innovation are game-changers. We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration between Yocuda and Feefo. Two industry leaders paving the way for a revolution in customer reviews and feedback.

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Unlocking the Power of Synergy

At Yocuda, our commitment to elevating the customer journey with dynamic digital receipts has always been our goal. By teaming up with Feefo, renowned for their world-class customer feedback and review solutions, we’re poised to take the customer experience to new heights.

A Seamless Customer Journey

This partnership seamlessly integrates Yocuda’s digital receipt tech with Feefo’s feedback platform. Retailers can now gather feedback and reviews from in-store customers through a Feefo Smartlink in digital receipts. These insights merge with data from the ecommerce channel, providing a deeper understanding of customers. Retailers can then refine products, improve services, and personalise shopping experiences.

Benefits Galore for Retailers

So, what does this partnership mean for retailers?

Better Customer Experience: Retailers gain deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviours. This allows them to customise products and services to individual tastes, meeting customer expectations seamlessly across channels. This understanding is the key to delivering personalised shopping experiences.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty: As retailers use feedback to fine-tune their services and make data-driven decisions, they’ll foster stronger customer loyalty. Happy, engaged customers are more likely to return, providing a boost to retailers’ bottom lines.

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Streamlined Operations: Using digital receipts to collect feedback from store customers and consolidating it with feedback from other channels via the Feefo platform, retailers can streamline the reporting on their operations. This helps identify issues quickly and enables identification of omnichannel solutions. In turn, this reduces friction in the customer journey and enhancing the overall experience.

Future-Ready: In a retail landscape that’s continually evolving, identifying customer pain points is essential. Yocuda and Feefo’s partnership equips retailers with the tools and insights needed to meet customers’ ever-changing expectations and to stay competitive.

The Future of Retail Is Here

As we embark on this exciting journey with Feefo, the future of retail has never looked brighter. Together, we’ll empower retailers to understand their customers better, foster stronger brand loyalty, and ultimately drive higher revenues.

About Yocuda: Yocuda is the leading provider of digital receipts for enterprise and medium-sized retailers providing a solution that is deployed worldwide and supports all languages and fiscal regulations. Our technology empowers retailers to identify customers in store and to replace standard POS digital receipts with a valuable customer engagement tool. We’re on a mission to revolutionise the retail experience by connecting retailers with their customers in new and innovative ways.

About Feefo: Over 6,000 brands already benefit from Feefo’s verified review model, which guarantees genuine feedback by only inviting customers to leave reviews. This keeps brands free from fakes, offering feedback that’s full of valuable insight from your customers. From a speedy answer to a more detailed reply, send feedback requests with ease and gather valuable data with each reply.

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