Booths Case study


Booths wanted to become a Customer Centric Retailer. Yocuda was employed to capture and analyse vast quantities of transaction linked customer data to help Booths make better marketing and trading decisions. The solution had to use Booths existing IT infrastructure.


Yocuda introduced the award winning Booths Loyalty Scheme that price matches 9,000 branded products vs Waitrose, Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys. Booths Cardholders swipe their card at checkout recieving a digital receipt viewable via email, the Booths Website and Booths Mobile app and obtain Price Match savings that accumulate in their reward bank. When their reward bank reaches £5 customers receive a £5 voucher redeemeable in a Booths outlet.

"If I ever had to go to space, you're the guy I'd want at the controls back at base!"

Yocuda’s light touch integration enabled the scheme to be live across Booths entire estate in three weeks. The Booths Card now identifies c.50% of transactions & c.60% of sales on a daily basis. Booths Store Staff and Executive team are able to view the success of the scheme and all transactions in real time via eReceipts web based dashboards. eReceipts’ dashboards also provide a real time Single View of the Customer.

"The Yocuda solution has enabled Booths to understand, engage and talk to our customers personally and in a way we were previously unable to do. Most importantly this was achieved with very little IT Integration complexity"

With such vast quantities of customer linked transaction data eReceipts was able to undertake a detailed customer segmentation using three specific customer lenses:

a) RFV – showing the value of specific customer segments

b) Lifestage – using products bought to define customer lifestages

c) Missions – understanding customers dominant shopping missions

Super Segments – for the Booths board Yocuda create 9 “Super Segments” through which to view their business.

Booths and Yocuda utilise this information to make better marketing and trade decisions. The most recent example being a Direct Mail campaign (targeting 100,000 customers) run by eReceipts that generated £1.2m in incremental sales and 4% in incremental transactions.

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